3 Chenes Noum Spray 20 mL

Spray improves sleep patterns and promotes deeper and longer sleep
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3 Chenes Noum Spray - 20ml

An easy-to-use spray with an effective sleep formula, helps you get rid of the most common sleep disorders which include interrupted and short sleep, stress, and anxiety.
3 Chenes Noum Spray aims to improve sleep patterns, it helps you sleep deeply without worry and reduces the number of waking times at night, giving you adequate rest.
Studies have proven that getting a deep, uninterrupted sleep without worry makes you less tense and nervous.
Your best choice for a comfortable sleep.


Fall asleep faster.
Improves quality of sleep.
Reduces stress and nervosity.
Active Ingredient:
Orange blossom, Lemon balm extract, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B1, L-Tryptophan

Point Of Interest:

Authorized by the Ministry of Health.
Made from herbal materials, safe to use.
Uses in conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.
keep away from the reach of the children.
How To Use:
uses 5 Times in the mouth if necessary.
Dosage Form:


20 mL


Stores at room temperature.

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