bioderma ABC Derm H2O Wipes 60'S for skin cleaning

A cleansing wipe that respects the fragility of sensitive skin
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bioderma ABC Derm H2O Wipes 60'S 

These wipes help to gently cleanse the delicate skin of babies and children without drying the skin.
It is suitable for the face, body, and nappy area.
The allantoin helps to soothe, soften and regenerate the skin.

• Gently and effectively cleanses.
• Very good cutaneous and ocular tolerance.

Active Ingredient:
Water, Polysorbate 20, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid

Points Of Interest:
• Close the pack carefully after use.
• May be used on newborns, except premature infants.
• Do not apply to skin that is visibly irritated or oozing.
• Suitable for Face, Eyes And Eyelids, Hands, and nappy area.

How To Use:
• Uses as often as needed.
• STEP 1: Cleanse the skin thoroughly with a wipe.
• STEP 2: Do not rinse.

Dosage Form:

60 wipes.

Stores at room temperature

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