bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Cream 200 mL for moisturizing

Ultra-nourishing and protecting daily cream
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bioderma Atoderm Nourishing Cream 200 mL 

Ultra-nourishing and protecting daily cream suitable for the whole family.
It is formulated with:
The Skin Protect Complex contains Niacinamide and a blend of two sugar, this complex helps to restore skin natural barriers and optimizes the skin's water reserves.
Glycerin and Vaseline help to deeply moisturize the skin.

• Helps to moisturize and soften the skin.
• Non-comedogenic.
• Smooth texture.
• Fast absorption.
• Unfragranced.

Active Ingredient:
The Skin Protect Complex, Natural Complex D.A.F.

Points Of Interest:
• Apply to healthy skin.
• If skin dryness persists, consult a healthcare professional.
• Suitable for Body and Face.

How To Use:
• Uses once or twice a day - 7 days a week.
• STEP 1: Apply Atoderm Crème on your skin after cleansing and gently drying.
• STEP 2: Gently massage until absorbed.

Dosage Form:

200 mL

Stores at room temperature.

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