Croma Ophthalmic Solution 10 ml

A sterile eye solution that relieves allergy and mucous membranes inflammation symptoms, such as itching, redness, congestion, and swelling.
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Croma Ophthalmic Solution 10 ml

Croma Ophthalmic Solution is a solution to get rid of redness and itching of the eyes associated with allergies or eye inflammation.
It contains sodium cromoglicate, which relieves allergies by preventing the secretion of allergy- causing compounds in the body.
the formula also contains tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which reduces eye congestion, redness, and pressure.
The solution relieves swelling, itching, congestion, and redness, and relieves symptoms resulting from allergies such as watery eyes.

Active ingredients:
Sodium Cromoglicate, Tetrahydrozoline Hydrochloride, Benzalkonium Chloride

Benefits of Croma Solution:
- Treats symptoms associated with allergies.
- Used to treat eye inflammation.
- Relieves itching and redness.
- Keeps the eyes moisturized.

How to use:
Put 1- 2 drops in each eye 3- 4 times daily, or as directed by your doctor.

Warnings and precautions:
- It should not be used for children without consulting a doctor.
- Do not use Chroma solution if you have one of the following:
• Hypersensitivity to the components.
• Viral or bacterial eye infection.
• You suffer from glaucoma because the solution leads to an increase in eye pressure.
• You suffer from uncontrolled high blood pressure.

• Other medication and Croma:
- Do not use any product directly on the eyes until 5- 15 minutes after applying the Croma solution.

• Side effects:
- High eye pressure
- Mydriasis and blurred vision.
- Palpation of conjunctiva.
- Shortness of breath.

Made in:
Saudi Arabia

10 ml

Store at room temperature