Cufleve Syrup with Cherry Flavored 120 ml

A dry cough syrup that helps boost the immune system and promote better respiratory well-being
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Cufleve Syrup with Cherry Flavored 120 ml

Cufleve Syrup is a soothing dry cough syrup that is used to enhance immunity and improve respiratory health.
The syrup uses natural extracts to provide relief with its active ingredients including marshmallow extract, echinacea extract, anise oil, and eucalyptus oil.
The marshmallow extract in the Cufleve Syrup has demulcent properties to soothe the irritated throat and promote throat comfort.
The syrup also contains echinacea extract which is known for its immune-boosting qualities to aid the body's natural defense mechanisms.
Cufleve Syrup's content of anise oil helps to soothe cough reflexes and the eucalyptus oil acts as a decongestant and helps to clear nasal passages.

Active ingredients:
Marshmallow Extract, Echinacea Extract, Anise Oil, Eucalyptus Oil.

Cufleve Syrup Benefits:
• Provides soothing relief for dry cough, allergies, and respiratory symptoms
• Contains natural herbal ingredient extracts and oils.
• Helps soothe irritated throat and block nasal pathways.
• Boosts the function of the immune system.
• Provides relief from persistent dry coughing.
• Suitable for both adults and children.
• Pleasant cherry flavor for easy consumption.

Direction for Use of the Cufleve Syrup with Cherry Flavored 120 ml:
• Children: 5ml of Cufleve Syrup 3 times daily.
• Adults: 10ml of Cufleve Syrup 3 times daily.

More information:
• Do not exceed the recommended dosage.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
• Avoid use if sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients.

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Store at room temperature