Early Check Pregnancy Test 1 Pc

A home pregnancy test that is used to detect pregnancy by checking the level of pregnancy hormone in the urine.
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Early Check Pregnancy Test 1 Pc

Early Check Pregnancy Test is a home pregnancy detector that provides you with an effective way to early pregnancy detection.

It works by measuring the amount of pregnancy hormone (HCG) in the urine, the concentration of which increases significantly at the beginning of pregnancy.

The test contains a circular area for testing, in which a light or dark red line appears if the result is positive.

The square area is the control area in which the red line appears to ensure that the test is working efficiently.

A red line should appear in both areas to confirm pregnancy, but the presence of one line indicates a negative result or that the test is ineffective.

Benefits of Early Check Pregnancy Test:
- Gives relatively accurate results for pregnancy.
- Provides an easy and convenient way to detect pregnancy.
- Requires a small sample to give results.

How to use:
Follow the instructions on the packaging.

More information:
- If the result appears positive, the pregnancy must be confirmed by a doctor.
- The test is used only once.

Made in: China

Quantity: 1 Pc

Store at room temperature