Martiderm Pigment Zero DS SPF +50 Cream 40 ml 1006

Anti-pigmentation cream with SPF 50
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Martiderm Pigment Zero DS SPF +50 Cream 40 ml

Pigment Zero DS Cream from Martiderm for skincare, contains a special combination of vitamin C, salicylic acid, niacinamide, tranexamic and ferulic,
Martiderm cream has a double effect, It lightens skin pigmentation and dark spots and protects the skin from harmful sunlight cell damage and aging.
Kojic acid: contains depigmenting properties that help to lighten the skin.
Tranexamic acid: treats discoloration and brown spots.
Salicylic acid: acts as a renewing agent to remove dead skin cells.
Ferulic acid: has antioxidant properties that prevent signs of aging.
Vitamin C: reduces blemishes and brightens and evens the skin tone.
Niacinamide: contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Active ingredients:
Tranexamic acid, Salicylic acid, Vitamin C, Niacinamide

• Martiderm cream protects skin against sun harmful.
• It lightens dark spots.
• Martiderm cream evens out skin tone.

How to use:
- Put a small amount of Pigment Zero DS SPF +50 Cream on your hands.
- Apply 2 or 3 times a day to the face, neck, neckline or areas to be treated.
- Massage in until fully absorbed.
- Use Pigment Zero DS SPF +50 Cream preferably in the morning during sunny times and/or at night.

Points of interest:
- Martiderm Pigment Zero DS cream is suitable for all skin types.
- Dermatologically tested.

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Quantity: 40 ml

Store at room temperature