Rausch Egg Oil Shampoo 200 ml For dry hair problem

Powerful natural ingredients formula, Transformed dull, brittle dry hair to vitality hair and shiny
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Raush Egg oil shampoo 200 ml

A powerful haircare formula packed with a wealth of hair nourishing ingredients in one compact package including proteins from fresh egg yolk and wheat germ extract.
It provides dry hair with proper hydration, as well as transforms dull, brittle hair to purest vitality, suppleness, and shine.

Active ingredients:
fresh egg yolk protein, wheat extract, Levulinic Acid.

• Strengthens dull hair.
• Provides new elasticity, smoothness, and shine.
• Conditions dry hair.
• Strengthen stressed dry hair scalp.
• Nourishes the hair with intense hydration

How to use:
Apply it on wet hair then massage it into wet hair and the scalp, wash your hair well.

Point of interest:
• Effective for dry dull hair.
• Suitable for men and women.
• For external use only.
• Effective, safe, and easy to use.

Made in:

200 ml

Store at room temperature