Relax Plus Caps 60'S Sleeping Aid

Capsules to improve sleep patterns and reduce insomnia and anxiety
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Relax Plus Caps 60'S Sleeping Aid

Relax Plus capsules to aid sleep to get enough rest, without causing addiction or any side effects or harming you.
Containing: Melatonin: a hormone made in the body. Regulates day and night cycles or sleep and wake cycles to get restful sleep. Valerian root: It contains several compounds that may help promote a sense of well- being and relaxation and have an effective mood- improving effect, which helps sleep.
Passion flower and Hops: relieve insomnia and anxiety, aiding sleep and improving sleep patterns.

Active ingredients:
Melatonin, Valerian Root, Passionflower, Hops.

• Relax Plus capsules help reduce sleep disturbances such as light or interrupted sleep or the inability to sleep.
• Gives you a feeling of comfort and relaxation.
• Relax Plus capsules reduce the feeling of insomnia and anxiety.
• Improved sleep patterns and quality.

How To Use:
• Take one (1) capsule of relax plus 30 minutes before bedtime.

Points Of Interest:
• 100% drug free.
• Relax plus is Non- habit forming (addiction).

Made in: USA.

Quantity: 60 Caps.

Store at room temperature.